when nature meets perfection

diamonds with personality

Highly sought after by fine jewellers and their customers, celebrities and diamonds aficionados, diamonds from Ellendale and Argyle mines are treasured for their rarity.

rare gift

Western Australia is the world's leading source of rare fancy colour diamonds. Yellow diamonds from the Ellendale mine and Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Ellendale jewellery collection

Designed by Australian award-winning jewellers and manufactured by Ellendale Diamonds Australia in conjunction with our manufacturing partners, using ethical and traceable Australian diamonds where possible.

certified uniqueness

Our Diamonds are traceable and ethically sourced from the Ellendale and Argyle Diamond mines, East Kimberley region in Western Australia.

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Our retail partners can help you design your unique bespoke jewellery piece featuring diamonds from the Ellendale or Argyle mines or present you with a selection of available pieces from our jewellery collections.