personality shines within

Each and every diamond has its own personality that unfolds from within its infinite depths and reflections


diamonds with personality

Highly sought after by fine jewellers and their customers, celebrities and diamond aficionados, Ellendale and Argyle Yellow Diamonds are treasured for their rarity.

rare gift

Western Australia is the world’s leading source of diamonds since the 1980s and particularly famous for its production of coloured diamonds.

the Ellendale collection

Created by Australian Award winning jewellers, manufactured in Australia using ethical and traceable Australian Diamonds is what sets this collection apart.

certified uniqueness

Ellendale offers the best Yellow Diamonds in the world and all stones come directly from the Ellendale & Argyle Diamond Mines, Kimberley Western Australia.

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Our retail partners can help you design your bespoke Ellendale Diamond Jewellery or present you with a selection of available Ellendale Diamond jewellery pieces.