about our diamonds

Each and every diamond has its own personality that unfolds from within its infinite depths and reflections.

At Ellendale Diamonds Australia we are proud to promote our loose diamond collection that is traceable and ethically sourced from the Argyle and Ellendale mines in the stunning Kimberley region of Western Australia, renowned for producing the finest quality stones.

All Australian diamonds are supplied with a document of origin in the form of an certificate , Rio Tinto Diamonds NV Lot Number certificate or an Origin report so you can be assured of provenance in addition to GIA/IGI certification where applicable. Transparency, coherence, and sustainability are key to our vision of excellence. The lot number was applied to a parcel that inculded multiple rough-cut diamonds at the point of sale by Rio Tinto Diamonds NV. 

With a substantial inventory of loose natural diamonds, we provide a plethora of choices in a variety of exciting colours and icy whites. Our diamonds range from subtle to vibrant, tones and saturations – from soft to intense and shapes from the timeless round brilliant cut to fancy cuts such as radiant, pear or oval.

Each stone is unique, distinct in character with alluring beauty.

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